Sunbeams shining through crowns and meeting the forest floor, rippling on rivers and lakes and untouched nature, the wild side of nature can be found in and around Freudenstadt in the Black Forest.

Take a little trip through the new Black Forest Central / North National Park. Beautiful hiking trails lead you along lakes and through deep forests in untouched nature.

Due to the central location, larger cities such as Stuttgart, Strasbourg, Karlsruhe or Freiburg easy, fast and easy to reach. Air and health resorts with their historic old towns are on the way. With a small break these places offer with all their Black Forest charm unforgettable holiday moments.

Experimenta in Freudenstadt


The Experience Museum Experimenta in Freudenstadt is a mixture of fun, scientific exploration and physical phenomena. All experiments can be tried out by yourself.

The "hands-on" exhibition includes experiments in physics, nature and technology. And it is true that every experiment requires your help. Try different experiments yourself. Here is touch and participation desired.

The Experimenta Freudenstadt is conveniently located near the market square of Freudenstadt. Visit the slightly different museum and see and experience the "aha-effect".

For the whole family.
Children up to and including 3 years free. 

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It is so beautiful here!